WORDS – Unheard of Today.

Slew-footed: Someone who walks with their feet turned outward. Example: “He’s so slew-footed that he walks like he’s raking corn shucks.”

Teddys: An item of underwear worn by ladies. Example: “Mavis was walking around outside with nothing but her teddy’s on.”

Bodiacious: A huge amount. Example: “I’ll bet that car cost Jim a bodiacious pile of money.”

Coming up a cloud: An impending storm. Example: “You young’uns get in the house and wash your feet; They’s a’coming up a cloud.”

Tainted: Anything that has spoiled. Example: “Throw them hot dogs into the hog pen. They’s tainted.”

Parson: A preacher. Example: “Our Parson has moved and we’s got to find us another’n.”

That Way: Description of a pregnant lady. Example: “I’ve heard that Eunice is ‘that way’ and won’t tell who’s the daddy.”

It’s that old bomb: Placing blame. Example: “The reason we’re having such bad weather is that it’s caused by ‘that old bomb.”

Liquored-up: Inebriated. Example: “I saw Bob yesterday in front of the dime store and he was all liquored up.”

Pigeon-toed: Walking with the feet turned inward. Example: “That young’un of Miz Hylton’s is as pigeon-toed as anybody I’ve ever seen.”

Croup: As having a bad cough. Example: “Jethro has got the croup and I can’t sleep ’cause he coughs all night;”

Gimp-legged: A person that walks with a limp. Example: “That gimp-legged boy of Mr. Shaw’s, ain’t no better.”

Smart as a whip: Showing intelligence. “He might never get any better; but he’s smart as a whip.”

Swimmy-headed: Unstable. Example: “I was so swimmy-headed this morning, I could hardly get out of bed.”

Blind staggers: Same as above. “I noticed that; but I thought you had a bad case of the blind staggers.”

Re-liners: Inserts for automobile tires. Example: “You had better put re-liners in your tires ’cause the air is showing in two of them.”

Lumbago: Leg or back pain. Example: “I’ve got to get up from in front of this Computer ’cause my lumbago is giving me a fit.”

“Any more questions?”