Wise or otherwise?

boy.jpg            There was a time when every person above the age of fifty was considered wise.  Foundation for this thinking was due to the fact that they had seen more of life and had absorbed valuable information; therefore, rendering them capable of imparting much needed advice to those of us who were lacking in experience.  No one doubted that the advice given by these “elderly” people had merit.  Whether or not the advice was followed, we certainly did not resent their offering it.

            In some instances, the advice was contrary to the methods that we had been taught in the home and were cast aside, but never did we ostracize the person because we thought that they had become “senile.”  If for no other reason, they were respected simply because they were our elders.

            Children were taught from day one to respect others and especially those older than they.  This was an important part of the training of a child even if it meant NOT sparing of the rod.  Punishment was a sure thing if one had been deemed guilty of “sassing” an elderly person.  It just was NOT accepted.

            Impudence could do as much to damage a young person’s character as the committing of a crime.  When they became an adult, instead of being thought of as “wise,” they were labeled “smart-aleck.”

            In today’s society, the wise are mostly in the minority.  Being a “smart-aleck” is even considered “cool.”  Portrayals of old, dottering individuals who are barely in control of their faculties is entertainment.  Many times, unruly youths are cast as heros.

            Perhaps a lot of this can be attributed to the loss of the values of home training.  In a world of violence, infidelity, ‘by-the-book’ rearing of children and the importance being placed on “doing your own thing,” the respect for others has been likewise cast aside.

            This brings to mind a little gem which I read years ago that states…  “It is a wise monkey indeed that won’t monkey with another monkey’s monkey.”

            Why then don’t we stop monkeying around and listen to those who are wiser than we?

            The only thing we have to lose is our own self respect.


Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don’t have film.