As I listened again to the reading of the Christmas Story; the realization of the difference in our daily lives suddenly dawned on me. Where was CNN’s complete coverage of a live event? How would we, today; have reacted to the news of the birth of a baby in an obscure town? A child, who was said to be The Christ; without first hearing it from a Reporter via satellite? Would we merely wait until an anchor person said, “Here; reporting live from Bethlehem; is our correspondent, Abe Preston: With all the details?”

Or, perhaps: Would we expect the convening of a special session of The United Nations; to announce special news, such as this? What would be the reaction from The White House? Would we discount the news as an attempt to gain recognition from that little group of radical Shepherds? Would their reports of an Angel appearing, before them; indicate that these folks had been in the desert too long? Was the bright star another cover-up of a secret Governmental Project?

And what about The Three Kings? Were they mobbed by reporters and camera crews while on their way to pay homage to a child, born of unknown parentage? Why were they not informed first, instead of that small group of frightened men who smelled of sheep?

Who would be the first to write a book about their experiences? Were the streets of Bethlehem jammed with camera trucks and miles of cables when they arrived? Were Secret Service agents assigned to protect the parents, The Child and The Kings? OR.–

Would we react much in the same way as the Shepherds and Kings who were chosen as recipients of the good news? They accepted on faith; that the appearance of Angels, The Voices, and the Bright Star were, Indeed; signs from “GOD:” informing them that the prophecies with which they all were familiar, had come to pass. They did not hesitate, but simply came and worshiped a Savior.

This certainly causes one to wonder. With all of today’s modern technology at our disposal? Can we really consider ourselves……WISE MEN?