Inquisitive minds of children have asked this question for generations and for the most part, have received basically the same response; Because!”  In certain instances, this response has varied with the addition of that’s the way it’s done” or “Go ask your Mother:”  But as a general rule the answer remains the same; Because I said so.”

Children of my time were taught at an early age that to question a parent was grounds for a trip to the woodshed followed by one or the other parent with a hickory in hand. No one considered this child abuse but merely a form of training in order to assure that the child will grow up to BE somebody”.

Psychologist today tell us that the failure to explain to a child, in detail, exactly why we make such a decision will result in a severe complex and they will grow up to hate their parents. Baloney!”

I cannot accept the fact that training a child to respect their parents as well as others will leave permanent scars. As they grow older, they have the ability to realize that this teaching was in their best interest.

In most cases, the reason that an explanation was not given was simply that the parent knew that understanding of the situation was beyond the comprehension of the child, and that they could be protected from harm without complicating matters.

I wonder if the only reason that George Washington became a great leader and President, was the fact that his father explained to him in minute detail just why it was necessary to frail the living daylights out of him; when he disobeyed and chopped the cherry tree down, (and I DO believe that the young’un got his tail whipped)”. “I’m pretty darned sure that he did.)”  I also firmly believe that Papa Washington used the term, Because I said so.”

As children grow older, they begin to understand that those decisions were made for their benefit. They can then appreciate this fact. I distinctly remember one of our Son’s remarking; (when he observed), an unruly child, having a “Hissie-fit” at a public gathering; You and Mom taught us better than that.”

I cannot remember just what incidents he was referring to; but I am reasonably sure that when he was corrected he asked, WHY?” and received the reply, “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”


Definition of the word ‘WRONG’:  “What everyone else is.”      Dj.

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The young couple with a small child began to think about owning a new home. The year was 1956 and they had only been married for three years. The fact that their income was limited and they had a small child did not deter them from investigating the possibility of ownership. They discovered a development where new brick homes were being offered in the $12,000.00 to $14,000.00 range; with a minimum down payment. They even went so far as selecting a plan for a three bedroom, one bath, home of around 1,000 sq. feet.

Their next problem was to find a source for a down payment. Once this amount was secure, they felt they could manage the small monthly payments. The offer of a loan for the small down payment sealed the deal as far as they were concerned.

They eagerly affixed their signatures to a contract with a thirty-year mortgage and a payment schedule of $71.00 each month.  Fortunately, the man had been in the Military and was eligible for a Government Insured (G.I. loan) at an interest rate of only 4-1/2 percent. Neither of them considered the fact that 30 years was a long time. Both were too enthused about ownership in lieu of paying rent. Neither did the clause in the contract that would assess a penalty for paying the balance of the mortgage early bother either of them.

Thanksgiving day in 1956, they moved their meager belongings into their own, new, house and stayed there for a period of thirty-five years. Another son was born two years later and both of the children remained in this small house until they entered college. The house that seemed so big to the young couple became quite cramped as the children grew; however, they coped with it as best they could.

During the last few years of the mortgage period, the lender began sending notices that, “Out of the goodness of our heart, we will allow you to pay the balance of the mortgage early without a penalty.”

No. They didn’t all of a sudden feel sorry for those of us who were saddled with a thirty-year mortgage. Rather, they would be much happier to get rid of the 4-1/2 percent loan in favor of the current 8 or 9 percent interest rates.

Many of the letters told of how we could use our money rather than make the mortgage payments; Take a world tour. Buy a new car. Vacation overseas, etc. Little did they realize how hard-hearten and stubborn this young couple had become after struggling with those payments for thirty years.

To prove a point; The last payment was made on the last month of the thirty-year contract…

A full sixteen days late.  We know because: “We  were there.”

I wonder how I could be over the hill when I don’t remember being on top of it.



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On a similar note; When I was 64 years old, (three months shy of Medicare age), I requested a influenza shot from a Doctors office. Being the frugal person that I am, I asked the cost. “$15.00,” was the reply.

“What if I wait until January and let Medicare pay,” I asked. “In that case, the cost would be $31.00:”  Was the answer. The Nurse continued, “We are required by law to charge $31.00 if Medicare is paying.

My point of issue, then and now is; “If filling out a simple claim form for Medicare is worth $16.00? I have spent a lifetime of slaving in the wrong business.”


Getting old means; ~~ “Your knees buckle, and your belt won’t.”   Dj.

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They came in the mail yesterday. The DIGITAL / HD? converter vouchers that I ordered to recycle the antiqued TV connected to “Rabbit-Ears” that sits in the corner of the office.
After questioning the Associate at “Best-Buy;” at length to explain the pros & cons of the different models and the performance of each, I selected one that was priced, included taxes, at $64,04.

I waited until the cashier totaled the cost and then I smugly presented my $40.00 voucher. She deducted the voucher from the total and I walked out with the feeling that; “I had finally gotten a bargain.”

The TV that I was attempting to recycle has been sitting in the office for years and would only receive two local channels. Imagine my surprise when I perused the instruction manual and connected the converter to the set. Instead of the two ‘Snowy’ channels; the old TV responded with ’19 channels‘ in remarkable clarity. I spent several hours this morning happily flipping through the channels and marveling at the fact that I could almost count the hairs on the Weatherman’s head.

Thankfully, the children presented us with a ’32 inch, Flat Screen, H/D, digital TV’ for Christmas several years ago.  This set is connected to Cable Access in the living room and will not need a converter box. However, I could not reasonably think of going to the expense of installing cable in the office.

When the announcement was made that the Government would cancel ALL analog channels as of February, 2009, I began looking at the wide array of new, flat screen digital / HD sets to replace the 18 year old set in the office.

We’re still talking about hundreds upon hundreds of dollars here. Just as I resigned myself to either watch the only two blurry channels or enjoy television in the living room: I discovered the offer of $40.00 vouchers to reduce the cost of converter boxes.

Not only am I happy with the reception, I am not required to seek a “co-signer” to purchase a new TV.  To those who are not dependent on a fixed income, the prior sentence may seem a bit strange; but considering our fragile budget, it would have been necessary.

For once; “The Government has finally done something right.”

I can remember when a POKE” was used to carry stuff in and had nothing to do with the connection of a fist in someone’s face.    Dj.