In another era, MODESTY,was the byword for the female of the species. A lady would not think of venturing beyond the confines of her bedroom without her high neck, ankle length dress. No more so than she would think of patronizing a local; “HONKY-TONK.”

Gradually, however: Fashions changed and hemlines crept to mid-calf and then to the knee. A few intrepid females were intrigued by the new found freedom to emphasize comfort above extreme encumbrance; and began to appear in public in what was then, considered scandalous attire.

Little changed until some enterprising individual invented the “PANTY-HOSE”; thus eliminating the Garter-Belt. It was along about this time when fashion designers conceived the idea that less is better. All of these changes in women’s clothing created a mild sensation among members of the masculine gender; insofar as they were not required to rely on imagination alone.

Along with these major fashion changes came scores of Manufacturers of exotic underwear, as well as outer wear; each with their own catalogs. Although most were somewhat expensive, they nevertheless were sought by many as an accessory to what otherwise would be a less than appealing wardrobe.

Today, unlike the olden days, these items are accepted as an intricate part of ‘Milady’s Wardrobe’; much to the delight of their male counterparts. There is generally no embarrassment, today; in scanning the pages of Victoria’s Secret catalog or browsing, along with their spouse, among the displayed items in one of their stores.

I personally have visited a few of these shops while my wife searched for that special item, and have, as well, turned a few pages of “Frederick’s of Hollywood,” “Glamour:” As well as “Victoria’s Secrets” Catalogs; and I believe that I am qualified to report that………
“Victorias?; To put it bluntLy; “Well-sr; My friend:” “SHE SIMPLY AIN’T GOT NO SECRETS!”
Demijon “NEXT CASE!”