“Use the meaning of the following words in a sentence”.
AIRSTRIP: Mavis taken all her clothes off in front of the fan.
BIGOT: This here’s a nickname they give old “OT” Barfield; atter he got growed.
CALL GIRL: That “Call Girl” whot sez “number please” were rale nice.
DEPRESSED: Settin’ in that little seat on th’ bus “Depressed” my pants.
EGYPT: Th’ las’ time I swapped mules with old Joe; “Egypt” me.
FORECLOSING: “Fore Closing” th’ door, make shore it’s locked.
GANG: That sore on his foot got so bad that “Gang-Green” set in.
HARMONY: I borrowed some “Harmony” to “harr” me some help.
ICE CAP: When I come in outten that freezing rain, I took off my “Ice””Cap”.
JOINER: “Your sister went in th’ front room.” “You go “Joiner”
KNAPSACK: I was so tarred that I crawled into my “Knapsack” and slept.
LAMINATE: I cooked me a leg of “Laminate” it.
MALPRACTICE: Take that fiddle in there and make “Mal Practice” it.
NIPPONESE: You’ll cut yourself nipping on them glass bottles, “Nipponese’ plastic ’uns.
OAKUM: Let’s all stand and sing “Oakum” to th’ church in th’ Wild-Wood.”
PARADOX: Lem needs a “Paradox” to anchor both his boats.
QUARRY: Masie’s so set in her ways, she’s downright “Quarry”.
REVISED: When Jeb clamped them boards, they come undone, and he “Revised” ‘em.
SENDOFF: Hand me that Sears catalog so I can “Send Off” for some shoes.
TAILWIND: If you hadn’t eaten all them “beans, & Pizza,” your “Tailwind” wouldn’t smell so bad.
UNDERRATE: You can get in the Movie theater fer a quarter if you’re only “Underrate”.
VESTAL: Jethro; “Go out to the well an’ draw me a “Vestal” of water.”
WARFARE: Axe your Congressman jus’ how much th’ “Warfare” wuz; fer “World-War”-2.
XEROX: Them Mexicans want to know how many of “Xerox” you need.
YAWL: It shore were nice of “Yawl” to bring us a ‘Hamburger’.
ZEPHYR: Pull that “Sweater-Zephyr” up to your neck, or you’ll catch a cold.

“NOW; YOU KNOW!” Demijon