bra.jpg            While rummaging through my desk one rainy afternoon, I came across a list of titles that I had planned to write a story about.  At one time, they probably made perfect sense, but now each was as foreign to me as Arabic.  If I had pursued them while the ideas were fresh in my mind, who knows, perhaps one of them would be on the New York Times best seller list. 

            The very fact that the list was discovered months or perhaps years later is proof that I handled these titles in my usual method, that of procrastination.  Here were wonderful, exciting titles but with no story outline.  They were nothing more than a bunch of jumbled words at this late date.  Not one of them caused the little bulb over my head to light up.


            “JOLENE’S BRA.”  Now why in the world would I attempt to create a story about Jolene and her undergarments?  I don’t even know the girl and even less about brassieres.

            “PASSION’S OVERTURE.”  Titillating to say the least, but nothing in my rather limited experience has qualified me to even think about passion and as far as I’m concerned overture was something that William Tell did.

            “TALES FROM THE GREEN SWAMP.”  I know where the Green Swamp is, but I have never been there nor have I ever heard any tales from there with the exception of the thirty-nine foot alligators and the hundred pound rattlesnakes.

            “STRIP SEARCH.”  Apparently this would have been a story about police or detective work, but since my only encounters with either has been in the neighborhood of illegal parking,  Why would I even imagine myself as an authority on police procedures?  It would have made for fascinating reading though, don’t you think?

            These are only a few of the titles which I had hoped to develop into best sellers and were laid aside until such time that I had the opportunity to give them proper attention.  When that time came, I had completely forgotten about the titles to say nothing of the story line.  Perhaps one day soon I will write a story about these titles.  You know, possibly something like…

                                                      THE TEMPTRESS

By Demijon

            Jolene lived in a rather obscure cabin situated deep in the Green Swamp where she had to battle massive alligators and huge rattlesnakes to do even simple tasks like the hanging of her wash on nearby bushes.  She was a passionate person who spent her days reciting overtures to the wildlife that abounded in the area while lovingly tending the illegal liquor still that was the major source of her income.  The pride she took in her product was evident, due in part to her insistence on the use of the finest ingredients for its production. 

            It was a hot summer afternoon when Detective Drake and Officer Pike raided the Illegal operation.  Officer Pike smashed the still and proceeded to empty the several cases of whiskey-laden fruit jars stacked nearby, obviously awaiting distribution.  Detective Drake advised Jolene of her rights and gently handcuffed her, ignoring her passionate attempts to seduce him. When he attempted to strip search her, he discovered that she was devoid of one important item of her underclothes due to the fact that she had left her brassiere hanging on a small bush that Jolene used as a makeshift clothesline…..

            Oh well, maybe someday.


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