I have “Quick-Fix;” to all problems in the workplace. It is not something that has recently occurred to me, but rather it is the accumulation of many theories, compiled throughout my many years of working; that when rigidly adhered to, will prevent stress and disenchantment with the earning of daily bread by the sweat of one’s brow. These methods have been tried and proven to be effective in the “combat zones” that are more commonly known as The Office.

Difficulty in dealing with the obstacles in the workplace usually stem from a request from someone in authority to insist that you perform certain tasks that you had rather not do. Rejection need not be lengthy. A “simple refusal,” will normally suffice in most cases; and will relay the message that you;  “Do not intend to be intimidated by a mere ‘PAYCHECK.”

Another proven technique is to simply pitch a ‘hissy’ fit.”  Rant and rave for awhile and you will convey notice that you are tired of doing everything while others sit on their duff and enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor.

Crying is by far the best-documented method of getting your way. Everyone knows that the boss is an old softie. A few tears and he will be putty in your hands. This is perhaps the time to ask for a raise in addition to a reduction in duties. While he is in a benevolent mood is also the perfect time to ask for shorter hours and more vacation time. Who knows? You might even get them.

If by chance these methods do not solve the issue, there are more forceful alternatives available to you. Examples of these options are outlined in my new book entitled, “LOAF AND THE WORLD LOAFS WITH YOU.”  To obtain your copy, send check or money order for $289.95 plus S&H and free yourself from the burden of depending on a tiny paycheck for your subsistence. After all; It is a known fact that no politician in his / her right mind is going to touch the welfare program; SO,: Why not sign up and get your share?

However, if all else fails:  Render your position loudly and clearly. Make your statement emphatic like:   “I don’t have to work here!” “I CAN SIMPLY STARVE TO DEATH!”