“The Organ” – “Up Town.”

“Susie Mae:  She picked up on playin’ th’ Pieanner when’st she wuz a shirt tail uv a gal an’ her Daddy an’ Mammy bought her a Pieanner frum them Sears Roebuck Brothers catalog.  She were  ‘bout fourteen an’ in th’ third grade whens’t she had learn’t how to play “Up Jumped th’ Devil;”  an’  “Ole Black; Joe Cut Off his Toe;” w‘thout lookin’ at all them notes.  When we’ens got married up; we’ens taken over th’ payments on that thare pieanner so’s  she cud keep on plunkin’ on hit.

One nite, jus’ ‘bout th’ time we’uns wus a’sottin’ down fer supper: Th’ Preacher frum th’ “Up-Town Church”, he called an’ sez;  “They wuz a-lookin fer a Organ player”.  He axed Susie Mae iffen she figured she cud play a Organ.  Now, Susie Mae, she wuz purely, ‘took a-back’ an’tolt him she wud thank ‘bout hit.  When’st she had done hung up, she sez, “Jay Henry, honey; you knows I got rhumatiz in my feets an’ lags an’ I ain’t shore I cud pump them-thare pedals.”

Well,sr:; I tolt her I reccon’d they had one uv them ‘lectric Organs whot don’t got no pump pedals  She got all ‘cited an’ sez, “Let me, Jay Henry, honey:” “Let me!”

I tolt her hit were her up to her but she’d hav’ta learn sumpin ‘cept; “Up, jumped th’ Devil;” an “Ain’t no boogers out tonite.” iff’en she wuz gonna play in th’ Church.  Nex’ day:  She call’d him back an’ sez “Okey Dokey.”

She practised all th’ songs she cud git her han’s on whot wuz ‘propriate fer Church fer ‘bout two ‘er three weeks an th’ time come when’st she were s‘posed to play fer th’ meetin’.  I figured I better go wiff  her an’ lissen;  so’s I cud be ‘fusst’  purson to ‘Cuss’ at her proper; iff’en she messed up.

She done rite well fer sombody whot can’t read much; “Cept”: “I noticed rite off that everbody were sangin’ th’ key uv, G; an Susie Mae were playin; in the ket uv, “F”.    I broached th’ subjec’ to ‘They Preacher’. atter th’ ‘Big Meetin;’ an’ he tolt me he wud talk to her ‘bout hit.  I sez ta him, I Sez:  “Now you got ta unnerstan that Susie Mae!”   “She be’s sorta timid, an’ she mought jus’ bust out squawlin’ iff’en you jump on her too much.”  He tolt me he wud discus’ hit wiff her kinda  ‘private like’.

Th’ funnie thang were:  Hit ‘peared like nobody ‘cept me an’ “Th’ Misterr Warner”, noticed whot were wrong.  Hit looked ta me like they won’t nobody else a’payin’ ‘taintion’.

Atter th’ meetin’ were over an’ Susie Mae had done got back to th’ shack an’ took off her Sunday Frock, she sez ta me, she sez,

“Jay Henry, honey, does you reccon’ they’ll let me play that-thare Organ some more?”  “I really had me a good ole time a’playin them songs whils’t all them folks wuz sangin’.”  I tolt her maybe they wud, iff’en she ever;  “Learn’t,  ‘not ta’ mix up her G’s an’ F’s.”   “Susie Mae shore ‘preciates th’ chanch ta do sumpin whot she ‘Injoys.                                                                                       Writ by Jay Henry