The Legacy

I suppose that the greatest thing that was passed down to me from my paternal grandfather would be a sense of humor.  He enjoyed life to the fullest and found humor in almost any situation.  Although he died when I was nine years old; I still remember his booming laughter and his outlook that earned him the reputation of searching for the fun in every occurrence.

Gram-pa had a serious side as well; but he only displayed this side of himself when necessary to teach the importance of something. Otherwise, being around him as a small child was all fun and games. Sitting in his lap and making an attempt at “Cussing” would bring on peals of laughter; as I desperately tried to impress on him just how “grown up” I was.

Allison Braddock was his name, and to most he was simply known as “Uncle Alse”. He was PA to my father and my uncles and aunts, and none would think of making any decision involving new ideas without first consulting PA.  Long before his death; he divided his modest holdings of land into smaller farms for all of his children, and he continued to live at the “home place” along with an uncle that would inherit this place upon his death.

Known far and wide for his love of practical jokes; he could expound for hours on the subject of playing tricks on different people.  He also had a knack for the telling of tall tales. Monsters of his own creation, were a source of wide-eyed fascination for any and all toddlers that usually were found in attendance.

He told of these monsters devouring children if they did not behave as they were supposed to; but was quick to assure the ones present that he would protect them if these monsters appeared while they were in his custody.

Since I was born during the great depression of the early 1930’s, having a Gram-pa that was not required to work so hard in order to survive was the only source of entertainment available to me, and his love of humor was instilled in me from an early age.

By practicing some of Gram-pa’s humorous outlooks, I have been better able to cope with most of the problems that have faced me; with an altogether different attitude than would have been possible if it had not been for this “training.”

I have Gram-pa to thank for this legacy.