Thanksgiving 2008

thanksgiving-2.jpgEveryone here in the foothills of North Carolina had been scurrying around for days before the holiday in order to prepare a feast of turkey with all the traditional trimmings.  I tried my best to convince my child-bride of 55 years that we should celebrate Thanksgiving in the way that the Pilgrims did when they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

In my logical mind, it didn’t make sense to survive on dry beans and potatoes for a year and then lay out a spread that will be consumed within hours.  Apparently, my rational argument went in one ear and out of the other as soon as I spoke.  Sue’s only response was, “The children will be here; just shut up and go to the grocery and get what I have written on the list.”

She prepared as much of the feast as possible in advance of every ones arrival.  As usual, I was explicitly warned not to delve into any of it before the big day.  The children arrived the day before Thanksgiving and I was dispatched to purchase Bar-be-que for the evening meal.  Fortunately, the Church was hosting a breakfast early on Thanksgiving morning, thus sparing us the chore of feeding everyone until the big feast, later in the day

We returned from the church and the frenzy began.  I am convinced that every pan and pot we own was pressed into service, containing some delicacy, and awaiting their turn on the stove.  Every square inch of all the cabinet countertops were being utilized for one concoction or another.

Questions of “what can I do,” arose from every quadrant only to receive an answer of, “just stay out of my way!”  No one wished to risk the wrath of the chief cook and bottle washer and adhered to this directive.  ‘The Baby’ ignored this warning and stayed underfoot during the entire preparation with hope that a choice morsel would be dropped.  He knew well that mama would refrain from scolding him.
The children entertained themselves with watching borrowed movies while I was assigned to the duty of assuring that ‘Th’ Bear’ was regularly taken for his constitutional walks to attend to his toilet.

Finally, in the late afternoon, everything was in readiness for the huge feast of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, candied yams, traditional collards, Lima beans, fruit salad, dinner rolls, a couple of things that I could not recognize, and several varieties of pies and cakes.

When everyone had gorged themselves, the children insisted on helping clear and store the leftovers before again, settling down before the television and the final chapter of the movie.  Exhausted, my child-bride literally collapsed in her recliner and soon was observed snoozing.

Sue and I are indeed thankful that our family was together for this special celebration. Hopefully; if it is the good Lord’s will, we will all be able to wear ourselves to a frazzle on many more occasions such as this.
Footnote:  I had been mandated to awaken everyone in time to get to the breakfast, therefore I had been awake since 03:00 a.m.  Regardless of a short nap after returning from the church, combined with my duties of looking after Th’ Bear, had made an extremely long day for me.  At dark-forty-five, I excused myself and retired to the comfort of my bed for my beauty sleep.  Alas: When I awoke this morning, I realized that the mattress salesperson had lied.  One look in the mirror revealed that a soft mattress and a few hours of sleep cannot rejuvenate someone whose skin appears as cracked leather loosely draped over a washboard.

I would like to take this time to reiterate my remarks.