Reasons Explained.

“NO.”   “We don’t speak a different language!”  “It’s just that “OUR” language and “YOURS,” don’t Jive!

“Car-jack” was the definition for a device used to elevate an Automobile; and the word “Hi-jack” was used to indicate elevating it further?

Screen doors at the Grocery were emblazoned with the words; “Merita is good bread.” and/or “Pepsi-Cola hits the spot.”

Shoeshine Stands were standard equipment in all Barbershops as well as a “Tonic” applied with every haircut?

“Lace Curtains;”  were washed, starched and dried, on “Curtain Stretchers.”

“Petcock” was a device; located underneath car radiators; that must be opened and water drained to prevent it from freezing during cold weather: and it was not a  “Rooster that you had trained.”

The building of houses were accomplished with, ‘Non/Electric’,  Hand Saws”, “Crosscut Saws”; and “Hammers”, and with “Galvanized Tin,” as the most popular Roofing material.

Radios and Heaters, were never included as standard equipment; on ‘any‘; but the most expensive Automobiles.

A family was considered “Riff-Raff;” if their yards was not kept free from all grass and, ‘swept at least once per week’.

The most important ‘Mail’ that the majority of families received were the Sears Roebuck Catalog” and “The Market Bulletin.”

The “Hoover Cart;” which was nothing more than an adaptation of an axle and two wheels, from an abandoned  Automobile.  Powered by a “Horse” or a  “Mule:”  This was, ‘at least;’ Transportation of a sort.

“Church Pews”, were strewn with “Hand-Held Fans”, advertising Funeral Homes on one side and ‘paintings’ of “Heaven” on the other.

“Warming-closets,” that were located above the cooking surface of “Wood-Fired Cook Stoves;” kept leftovers warm with built-up heat from the Stovepipe. 

‘Chicken-Wire’ enclosures for the ‘Garden Spot’,  were used as a deterrent from Rabbits and other Predators.

An abundance of “China-berry” Trees; in every yard that provided a ‘dense shade’ during the summer months, were the norm.

The Warm Breezes and the aroma of  “Freshly-Turned Earth,” announced the arrival of spring.

‘Winter’ and  ‘Summer,’ “Union Suits,” back then; were essential components of Men’s Underwear.

“Crinoline Petticoats”, were stylish as a part of all, “Young Ladies Wardrobe”.

Riding in a “Rumble Seat”, with the “Girl Of Your Dreams;”  was, ‘believe it or not;’  the ultimate enjoyment.

Every “Traveling Carnival,” included a tent, to house the “Hoochie-Koochie”  Shows.

These are “ONLY A FEW,” of the precious memories that I hold dear; and continue to savor as a part of my past..

It may be interesting for you “Young Folks;” to record a few of your favorites.  “You Know:”  “Just to explain to “YOUR CHILDREN;”  why; “YOU TALK SO FUNNY.”


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