“Money-Saver?” “I Recon.”

I suppose it all began when I was desperately trying to get a handle on this computer.  Although some may think that I am just downright cheap and will refuse to buy any store- bought items that I can manufacture from materials on hand.

I assure you this is not the case.  Once, while browsing in an office supply store, I came across software that allowed a novice to create greeting cards ‘from scratch’.  Granted, the first ones that I attempted were a far cry from the professionally designed ones; but as I struggled with this box of wires, , buttons,  dot-coms ‘etc.  I began to understand Computer-eze to the extent that they looked almost decent.

Thus began a barrage of greeting cards sent to friends and relatives for any and all occasions.  Generic cards were created for birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, etc., and stored within the bowels of this monster.  Then, when an occasion arose, all I had to do was to change the name of the recipient and I had saved a dollar or two.  “Smart”; wouldn’t you say?

Over the years, a problem arose when I realized that I had been sending the same card to the same people for quite some time.  Fortunately, most folks were kind enough to overlook the fact that they had received that identical card last Christmas, and again, for their last birthday.

My family has been telling me for years to read the manual.  It took days of digging through mounds of papers, books, trash, boxes and the like, before I finally found the instruction book that was included with the software.  By extensive reading, I discovered that it was a relatively simple matter to change the design of any card by deleting a photograph or any text and re-installing a different photo or text.

Recently, I created a card for a friend that was celebrating her 77th birthday.  As soon as she received it, she called to offer her thanks and to praise the design of the card.  Her words were, “It is the best card that I’ve ever received.”

Needless to say, I just about “Swole-Up;” since I have never had anyone voice their approval of my warped sense of humor upon receiving one of my creations.

Now, if I can only remember to take advantage of the Spell-Check feature that Bill Gates has built into this monster, perhaps any future greetings from Demijon Studio will continue to be appreciated.
“Thank you Elsie:”  “You made my day.”


I wonder if any reader can remember how to make a “Peashooter”: or “Sling-Shot?”