“BRO.”  “Just in case; y’all forgets: “’Member? “ “when I tried to git you to jine me in th’ W.P.A?  Iffen yo’  had; You’d been sleepin’ on sacks uv. Money; now; an’ Miss Maggie’d had all th’ FROCKS, whot she cud put on her nail.  Every-bodie knows that thare Jay Henry;  “He be’s th’ smart one in th’ Fambley.              “A’ TOTE’IN  OFF.”   SEE?

A while ago, Susie Mae sez to me;  She sez;  “Jay Henry honey, why’ont we’uns up an’ send Maggie an’ Brother a invite to come up hear an’ git’um  some good rations fer a spell.  You know they ain’t had nothing to eat but wennies an’ loaf bread ever sence Brother got laid off!: An’ sides; they ain’t done nothin’ lak as good as We’uns  has, sense you “Got On” at th’ WPA.”

I sez to her, I sez, Susie Mae; “why’nt you jus’ traipse off down to th’ Store an’ “ring-um up” on that-thar  telephone; cause you know that they boff  has got trouble reading anything whot ain;t got pitchers on hit.  

Susie Mae, she grabbed her bonnet and leff:  “Rite atter tellin’  me to take ole Bear; an’ go down to th’ creek an pick a mess of Polk Sallit an’ Wild Onions’ an’ ta dig a sack of chitlins outten th’ ice box an she would make a batch uv her’n  famus Chitlin Caseroll fer’um.  Ya-knows how them Town Folfs gits carry’d away whens’t they smells Susie Mae’s Chitlin Casseroll whot gits blowed a’mung ‘em.

Whenst she got back; she sez to me, “Jay Henry, honey, you know that I’s got ‘way yonder’ too many frocks a’hangin on my nail.”   “I beleve I’ll give some uv-um to Maggie. They Store don’t carry all them perty feed sacks; lak our’n do, an’ I misdoubt that she cud run up a frock; outen’um iffen they did.Hit wont but a little bit ‘fore they driv up an’ boff uv’ um ‘peared to be holler to th’ toes.

Susie Mae, knowed that Maggie purely loved to “try-on.”  “So she had took a whole bunch uv her ole frocks offen her nail an’ spred  um out on th’ bed.  Brother, he taken one look an’sez;  “Susie Mae:”  “That thare were a good i-daer.  “Corss’ she’s bin fallin’ off, fer a reel-good  spel.

B’then they had got outten thây truck, Brother, He  commenced a-diggin in th’ ice box an Maggie, She jus flew in the other room a’pullin off her ole frock as she went. I knowed, rite then, that she were looking fer some uv Susie Mae’s perty frocks to wear to Big Meetin.

Well’sr, they stayed all nite an when they leff, nex morning,’ they had th back end ‘uv they truck plumb full uv sacks uv frocks an’ two tied on th’ fenders. Maggie’ She were holdin; a bowl uv™ leff- over Chitlin Casseroll, wropped in wax paper.

When Susie Mae were a’wavin’ bye to’em, she sorta teared up an’ sez to me.  She sez, “Jay Henry honey, hit purely does a body good to holp folks whot ain’t got as much as we’uns has got”.” Mayhaps th’ saw mill will take Brother back on; an’ they can live  “HIGH on th’HOG  lak  “we’us is livin.”

“Now you traipse down to Silas store an’ git me ˜bout a haff -dozen feed sacks so’s I can run up me some new frocks. Thay ain’t nothin’ leff on my nail.”  “If I hav-ta go summers  rat- away, I’ll have to wear a pare uv your overalls.”  “Now ‘that-thare;  I DON’T LIKE.””Th’ Preacher: he tries to git me to “Go huntin, wiff him when I wears ‘em. ”                                                                                                 “Bro. 2.”  –   Jay Henry.