red-car.jpgI am not sure if the law for proper following distance for vehicles on our streets and highways is Nationwide; but there is a State law that sets the distance at 1 car length for each 10 miles per hour of speed.

There are those, however, who feel that they can force the car in front of them to drive faster than the posted speed limit.  These folks are the ones who will continually drive about 6 inches from the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead of them.  Perhaps, they learned this from watching high performance race cars on a closed track.  Actions such as this is inviting a collision that could result in serious injury of even death.

Apparently, these drivers are not aware of another rule.  That rule states that to hit another car from the rear places the fault on the driver behind.  Following closer than the above rule will surely result in a traffic citation.  If this is not a law, it is certainly included in most Insurance contracts.  Insurance Companies contention is; that the vehicle behind was following too closely, therefore, voiding the payment of a claim.
I have actually experienced this when another driver would follow my vehicle for miles, almost touching my bumper while flashing his headlights.  Then suddenly, he would cross the double, yellow lines and pass on a blind curve.  If an oncoming vehicle had been approaching, a three car crash would have resulted.  On, at least, one occasion, we arrived at the next stop light at exactly the same time.  So; why was he in such a hurry when it was obvious that passing was an unsafe maneuver?

Another rule of the road, and perhaps a law, is the lowering of headlights when approaching an oncoming vehicle.  Every car has a bright and a dim mode for the headlights.  Newer cars are equipped with Halogen headlights that are much brighter than the sealed-beam ones.  Meeting an oncoming vehicle with bright Halogen headlights tends to blind a driver.  Couple this with Halogen fog lights and a disaster is in the making.

Note to all drivers who follow too closely:  Intimidation does not work. It does no more than to cause you to be unable to control your car safely and could result in catastrophe.  It is much better to arrive a little late than not to arrive at all.

Possibly true:  Half the people you know are below average.