“GRASS:” was something you chopped from the rows in your fields or garden, rather than stuff you rolled into funny cigarettes.
“YO – YO:” A Toy – operated by a string attached to your finger; and definitely not two dudes, answering in succession.
“RAP:” Was what you received across the head by a ruler, from your Teacher; if you failed to pay attention in class.
“INCENSE:” Was considered the amount of knowledge contained within a person’s head, and had nothing to do with the burning of smelly sticks.
“CHICKS:” Were simply the offspring of a Hen and a Rooster, and in no way, to be associated with the Female of 2the human species.
“LINE: Was a string, a rope, or even a straight mark, drawn on an even surface; and was not the description of someone who handled the truth loosely.
“POKE:” Was a container, used to carry ‘stuff’ in, but far from the connection of a fist with someone’s face.
“BLACK RACER:” The fasted-moving breed of reptiles; rather than an ‘African American’ who was swift of foot.
“DISCOUNT:” Merely; Bubba’s way of telling a story; You know. “Discount and Discountess, wuz ‘goin’ together.”
“UPPERCUT:” This word had nothing to do with fighting. It was simply a way of relating to your Barber, the type of haircut you desired.
Once you become familiar with using these words in the correct context; you just “may be” considered among the chosen few who, ‘have the audacity to think’ of themselves, as being just –“half as smart as we are.”

We are indeed, happy to share this important information with you: Whether you realize it or not; “It’s Lonely at the Top!”