It’s everyone’s job:  Like it or not.

There are very few children who do not anticipate “growing up”, and to eventually become able to; “Run with the big dogs.” Their wish to emulate the adults around them increases each year until they finally reach the age of majority.  It is here that reality sets in and many of the fantasies they have looked forward to for so long become overshadowed by the actuality that; “It ain’t what it’s cracked up to be!”

For instance:  The passage of time during their early years was measured in months instead of days.  It seemed forever to wait until another birthday, a holiday, Christmas, etc.  Patience is not their strong suit at this juncture in their lives.  It is every parents wish that their offspring remains a child for as long as possible; but even they remember similar feelings from their own childhood.

Try as we might; we fail to instill in their young minds some of the things they will face as an adult.  For the benefit of the young who read this blog, I will include a listing of a few problems that they will encounter once they reach the age of being; “some two years older than dirt.”

#1  –  Everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt “will not work”.

#2You get to the point of looking forward to “a dull evening”.

#3Your back “goes out” more than you do.

#4 –  The little gray-haired lady you help across the street is your “wife”.

# 5 –  Your children are beginning to look “middle-aged”.

#6The list of names in your ‘little black book”, all end in “M.D”.

#7 –   You know all the answers; but nobody “asks you the questions”.

#8 –   The gleam in your eye is the reflection of the Sun on on “your bi-focals”.

#9 –   Your “pacemaker” opens the garage door of the pretty girl across the street.

#10 – Your knees buckle; but your “belt won’t”.

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