Do You Remember?

GRASS was something you chopped from the rows in your fields or garden rather than filler for funny cigarettes.
YO-YO was a toy operated by a string attached to your finger and not two dudes answering in succession.
RAP was what you received on your head from the teacher when you failed to pay attention in class.
INCENSE was considered the amount of knowledge contained within a person’s head and had nothing to do with the burning of smelly sticks.
BREAD was an important part of the human diet and was far removed from the medium of exchange stored in banks.
CHICKS were simply the offspring of a hen and a rooster and, in no way, to be associated with the female of the human species.
LINE was a straight mark drawn on an even surface or a string or rope and was not the definition of someone who handled the truth loosely.
POKE was a container used to carry ‘stuff’ in and had nothing to do with the connection of a fist in someone’s face.
A BLACK RACER was the fastest of a breed of the snake family and had nothing to do with an African American who was swift of foot.
DISCOUNT was merely Bubba’s way of telling a story; you know, “discount and discountess wus goin’ together.”
UPPERCUT had nothing to do with fighting. It was simply relating to the barber the type of haircut you wanted.
SPAM was not in any way connected to a form of junk mail sent electronically but was the mainstay food for millions during World War II.
BALE was an amount of hay tied together with wire or twine rather than the price charged by the courts to get out of jail.
MORBID was the question the auctioneer asked before raping on the table with his hammer and declaring an item sold.
OUTBACK was the location of the privy and certainly not necessarily a sparsely settled region in Australia.
HOUSEWARMING was not only a party, but also the chore for the first person out of bed in the morning and that was simply building a fire in the fireplace.
FRIGATE was a word denoting disgust with something that does not work properly and has no bearing on a fast sailing ship.
FILM-STRIP was what them hoochie-coochie girls did when the cameras were rolling.
EVERLASTING was an account for the taste of the wild onion casserole served at the housewarming party.
SOUNDLESS was simply an order from one or both parents to the younguns describing the way they should play.
SYNOPTICS was the way Bubba’s eyes reacted when he observed them “nekid hoochie-coochie girls” dancing.
TOPSIDE was the way Bubba described his car shortly after he wrecked it; you know, “It were Topside-turvey.”
UNDERBRUSH was designated as a tool to be used for cleaning underneath the stove or refrigerator.
WALKIE-TALKIE refers to more than one woman strolling through the mall or pretending to shop in a grocery store.
COURTROOM was the ‘front room’ of the home chosen as the place where young ladies were to entertain their boyfriends.
DISARM was the place Bubba asked the doctor to inject the needle when he went for his distemper shot.
EPISTLE was what the Mexican gardener admitted was the weapon used when he was charged with shooting a neighbors dog.
FARFETCHED was the description Mavis used when telling about traveling ten miles to borrow a cup of sugar.
HARDWARE was what Bubba experienced when the ‘little woman’ put too much starch in his drawers.


Have you noticed that; At reunions:  “You feel younger than everyone else looks?