“I am sending this to let you know I am still alive an’ kickin’. I am writing this real slow, ’cause I know you can’t read too fast. You won’t know our house, the next time you come up here. ’cause we’ve moved.”
“We had a bunch of trouble moving, ‘specially with the bed. The man wouldn’t let us take it in the Taxi, and we thought it would wake Bubba up; if we shipped it by U.P.S.”
I’ve got a nice new job up here, and it’s a very responsible position. I have about 500 people under me. I cut the grass at the cemetery.” “Our neighbors, across the creek; the Browns:” “They started raising pigs about two months ago. We just got wind of it yesterday.”
“There were a washing machine already in this new house when we got here; but it don’t work too good. It is white and is settin’ on the floor in the bathroom. Last week I put 4 shirts in the darned thing, and pushed that lever on the side. Them shirts whirled around real good; but then they disappeared. I think something is wrong with it.”
“Your Uncle Jerome drowned two weeks ago. He fell in a barrel of whiskey at his Distillery. Two Firemen jumped in to save him; but he fought them off for over four hours.” “We cremated his body last Monday.” “We just got the fire put-out, late yesterday evening.”
“Ma went to the doctor last week. He put a tiny little pill in her mouth and told her not to open it for fifteen minutes. I tried my best, to buy a whole bottle of them pills from him; but Ma; she talked me out’nt it.” “Said they didn’t taste very good.”
“It rained here only twice last week: Once, for three days and then; for four more days.” “Got a letter from the Undertaker this morning.” “He said if we don’t make the last payment on your grandma’s grave?;” “Up she comes.”
“Bubba:” “He ‘low’ed as how,” “If that Undertaker went an’ ‘Upped Her,’ that we ought to “Sic’ th’ Law on him!” “Said some of them shyster-lawyers would, “jump on it like a dog on a bone.”
I was going to send you that $10.00 I owe you, but I had already sealed the envelope when I thunk ’bout hit. I complained to the Post Office this morning, because this envelope wasn’t nothing like this dirty when I mailed it. You know them P.O. folks ain’t too careful when they reads another fellers mail. “You told me; last time I talked to you, that Donna-Faye is “in a family way.” “You forgot to tell me, jus’ when she is s’posed to “git-down.”
“They’s a few of them Diapers left; whot that washing machine ain’t swallered; and Bubba ain’t used.” “You’d better “rench-em” out,” ‘fore you put arr’in on.” “Write if y’all find work.” “Y’all come, now; Ya’hear? Bro-2.