I am convinced that this darned machine is determined to GET ME!

Everything worked fine yesterday morning; when I awoke at 02:30 and could not get back to sleep.

I read e-mails and surfed the usual sites; when all of a sudden, the Computer froze up and would not do anything. My attempts to re-boot amounted to naught.  For some reason; unknown to me,  “It would not connect.”

I finally summoned my Son, who is the resident computer geek’, yesterday afternoon; and he diligently worked for about two hours before this thing gave-up and began working.  Even he; seemed mystified as to what had gone wrong.

His final diagnoses was that the machine was cluttered with files, bytes, icons, and so forth that was no use to me or to the machine.  His suggestion was to seek clean-up the Software” and to  “De-frag;”  (what ever that means).  If that does not solve the problem, the alternative is to admit it to the Computer Hospital, for a complete Tune -Up.

Strange as it may seem:  This morning, the darned thing was back to normal. I assume the malady it was suffering from; is similar to that of a “Human Toothache:”  “It quits hurting once one gets inside the Dentist Office.”

I just hope that this thing is afraid enough; to act normal until our President gets around to expanding Medicare to include payment for Computer, Disorders.

If this does not come to pass, I suppose the only thing us Fogies have to hope for, is that our Doctors will offer a permanent prescription for enough Tranquilizers; to allow us to cope with a computer that SIMPLY AIN’T GOT NO SENSE!”


“Marriage” is the number ONE” cause of Divorce:Computers” are number TWO.”          Dj.