Christmas gifts

gift.jpgThe older I get, the more I’m inclined to believe that the hullabaloo of enduring the frantic crowds while searching for that perfect gift for a loved one is pure folly.  We have been indoctrinated by way of television that the only gift worth giving is one from such & such store.  Most stores in every mall have allotted, at least, 1/4th of their floor space to display Christmas items even before they remove the Halloween costumes.  Perhaps their thinking is that the earlier the items are displayed, the easier it will be to separate the shoppers from their money.

It has always been my personal opinion that the best gifts are those that can be hand-made from materials readily available.  A small wood carving, a knitted shawl, a painting, a framed family photograph, a pie or cake made from a secret family recipe, a small ornament that a friend or relative has admired, or even a hand-made greeting card.

It is so much easier to rush to the mall, purchase a displayed item that would be cast aside within days.   It is easier still to simply write a check.  However, if a lot of thought, as well as a lot of effort were expended, the gift will be treasured for years and perhaps become an heirloom.

One particular item has been prominently displayed in our home for better than forty years.  It is a carving of a bird hand, crafted by a neighbor.  The material used was nothing more than a plain old 2 X 4 board.  Obviously, weeks or perhaps months of spare time was spent on this object.  This is only one of our treasured, perfect gifts.

By spending a little time thinking about a friend or relative, I’m certain that you can remember that little item that they have mentioned as something that will become a precious possession for them.

Believe me:  This will be much better than to take a chance on being trampled by the stampede at the mall just to be the first in your neighborhood to get that one item that everyone else wants.


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