The financial situation for most people, especially in rural America, was such that few families could continue owning an automobile. It was not uncommon to spot “MODEL-‘T,’ and “MODEL -‘A’  Ford’s;” parked under a shelter; and in some cases, simply abandoned.

However, this did not impede the need for more comfortable transportation other than the rickety, steel-tired Wagons and Buggies. Since power was available, without the outlay of money; in the form of “Horses and Mules;” innovative minds began working overtime and parts of the abandoned vehicles were converted to what was then known as “THE HOOVER CART.”

This nickname for this mode of transportation was applied by the mostly Democratic Farmers in the South, simply because President Herbert Hoover; (a Republican), just happened to hold the office of Chief Executive during “The Great Depression.”

The idea for this vehicle was simple enough. The rural axle, springs and wheels, were removed from an automobile and installed onto crude, home-made Carts.  Shafts were then attached for the purpose of hitching an animal to the contraption and, voila, The Hoover Cart was born. If one just happened to be mechanically minded, other parts of the cars could be used for a more comfortable ride.

With the price of gasoline reaching an all-time high:  My miserable mind has been searching for a less-expensive way of traveling. Granted, there is no way of converting today’s computer-driven cars into a likely, “HOOVER CART; but we could possibly adapt wheels from a bicycle; but there remains the matter of power. Perhaps a large dog would be feasible.

With our kind of luck, if we did succeed in creating this cheaper way of traveling, a Cartel among dog food Manufacturers would be formed and the price of dog food would Escalate.  

For instance: Dogs would have to be taught to eat “Tomato Sandwiches:”  HAY” for a Horse or Mule, would skyrocket to $150.00 per bale and “Corn” would sell for $195.00  a bushel; if these methods of power becomes the criterion.

Today’s cost for a pair of shoes is now upwards of $150.00:  therefore, walking is not an option for most of us.  What choice do the majority of us poor folks have?

I suppose the only alternative that many of us will have; is to eventually sit at home and “Just watch the Tractor rust.”

“Woe; be unto us!”  (An ‘Old Demijon Saying:)