Billy Bob was prone to expound on his prowess with members of the opposite sex to anyone who would take the time to listen.

He was relating his latest escapade to Bubba while they each nursed a long-neck Miller Hi-Life at the local road house.  It went something like this.

“There I was; In her bedroom making passionate love while her husband was working on the night shift.  Suddenly, we heard a sound coming from the vicinity of the front door.”

“It’s my husband !!!;”  She screamed;  “He’s home early!  You’ve got to get out of here!”

Billy Bob continued, “Not taking the time to dress, I threw my clothes out of the window and climbed through behind them and clung to the window sash by the tips of my fingers for the rest of the night.”  “BOY, was I mad!”

Bubba took a long pull from his Hi-Life bottle and said, “Man, you were lucky to get out with your hide intact.  Were you mad because you almost got caught?”

“Hell no, replied Billy Bob,”  “What really made me furious was that when it got light enough for me to see, I found that the ground was only six inches below my feet.”

“SHUWEEEE!!!”.  Dj.


Jethro drove his pickup truck into downtown Atlanta for the first time.  His ignorance of metropolitan street patterns was obvious when he turned onto a one way street and headed in the wrong direction.

He had gone several blocks when a police cruiser appeared behind him and signaled for him to pull over.  The officer approached the truck and in a loud voice asked, “Where in the hell do you think you’re going, fellow?”

Calmly, Jethro answered, “I really don’t know, Officer:”  “But I reckon I’m late; because it sure looks like everybody else is going home.”


Two mice were strolling through the park as two gorgeous models walked by.

One mouse said,  “Let’s catch up with them, and we’ll climb up their legs.”

“Not me;” said the other one, “I’m a titmouse.”