“B. C. “

The era was the late 1940’s – early 1950’s. Practically every item which was in use at the time was constructed of either steel, wood, or a combination of both. Of course, there were a few other materials around, but primarily industry was dependant upon these two components.
Then something happened that changed our lives probably more than any other event in our history. Someone, somewhere, invented “PLASTIC”.
Today, those of us who remember the so-called “good old days” sometimes wonder just how we survived before the invention of this, the greatest innovation since the wheel.
Plastics are found in almost every item that is marketed for use by consumers. An example of the widespread use was brought to my attention some months ago when my work as a handyman required me to keep notes in some semblance of order within the confines of my service truck. I purchased a magnet equipped clipboard to hold these notes, and immediately found that the entire inner surface of my truck was fabricated with plastic instead of what I assumed was steel; therefore, rendering the magnet useless.
Cabinets for televisions, computers, small kitchen appliances, handles, containers and even some major furniture consist of this ingenious material. This multifaceted substance can be shaped and molded into almost any configuration which makes it indispensable to manufacturing, and the cost is much less which contributes to a lower price for the consumer. “A wonderful product indeed”.
The development of new products did not end here. In fact, the surface was hardly scratched. New and improved methods were swiftly becoming the by-word with industry as more exciting changes were introduced as proof of the adage that “Nothing is certain except change.”
Although not surprising to many of the ones who do not remember sitting glued to a battery powered radio and cringing while the sounds of a creaking door emitted from the speaker during the broadcast of a “Supposed MURDER;” is the fact that pictures and sound can be bounced off satellites and into their homes from thousands of miles away.
To the few of us who still believe that man was not meant to fly, this is nothing short of a miracle. We are grateful for this amazing discovery although we do not understand it. Television has opened a window to the world for many of us, thanks to the foresight of a few who dared to experiment and develop new techniques which make life much more enjoyable for the ones of us who were born during the dark ages and spent the majority of our lives in a period of time which has been referred to as….”B.C”. “BEFORE CABLE”. Demijon