sale.jpgI suppose age has a lot to do with changing our attitudes toward the much touted after-holiday sales.  I can well remember when we looked forward to these days with a passion that was almost erotic.  Although we never spent the night in line at a favorite store to be among the first to take advantage of the tremendous bargains, we did set the alarm clocks to awaken us in the wee hours on the morning after Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.
In our younger days, we took advantage of a program inaugurated by our bank to prepare us for the spending spree that we felt was necessary during the closing days of each year.

This program was called The Christmas Club.  Religiously, we deposited one or two dollars into this account each week when we visited the bank to cash our tiny paycheck.  We would usually withdraw about half of the proceeds on the Friday after Thanksgiving and rush to the Malls to buy gifts for those on our short list.

The balance was left in the bank until the day after Christmas when we again fought traffic and long lines to purchase discounted Christmas cards, decorations, wrapping paper and sometimes other gifts, to be stored until the next season.  This was merely our personal practice in frugality and was self-imposed by more month at the end of the money.

I have not heard of a Christmas Club in years and I do not know if any financial institution still has such a plan; but when we were a young, struggling family, this program was a Godsend.  It allowed us to put aside a few dollars while still meeting our financial obligations. In many cases, our Christmas Club savings averted a rather bleak Christmas season.

We went through many of the after-holiday sales over the years; but we never experienced the viciousness of folks literally killing someone in their frenzy to be the first to get a bargain.  Thank God, we have reached the point that we can accumulate a few meager gifts (on sale) throughout the year and are not required to fight in order to simply get into a store.


Chances are; the clothing that is on sale is either ugly or won’t fit!