A Sack of “Taters”

In the years before entitlements, ‘Country folk’s were a proud lot. They asked no quarter of anyone beyond the opportunity to earn their own subsistence. While they were far from content with their meager livelihood; they nevertheless accepted the fact that if one did not earn their daily bread: “They simply done without.”

Quite different from many of today’s generation; wouldn’t you say? Dependency on entitlement program’s has risen to the point that some people have made a career or two from simply filling out a few papers and then waiting for the letter carrier.

They are not disturbed in the least by the fact that the constantly rising tax burden for the rest of society is a direct result of their refusal to comply with the old adage of: “A days work for a days pay.” It is their contention that they are owed this income because they are alive and breathing.

Entitlement programs were created as an aid to those that are unable to earn a living due to circumstances beyond their control and not for those unwilling to take advantage of the opportunities available to them

I am a staunch believer in a balanced budget. In fact, I have never understood how the leaders in government allowed the country to get this far in debt. Even during past Wars; we managed to keep our heads pretty much above the surface of the water, and now, here we are with an economy greater than any country in the world. Yet, we are unable to “Pay as we go.”

Aside from a catastrophe, no individual would be allowed to venture into debt to the point that he could never pay even as much as the interest. If, in fact, the said individual reached this point, the powers that be, would insist that HE / SHE be the ones to suffer from this mistake rather than expecting the rank and file to bail them out.

Not so with today’s lawmakers. While seeking election, all Candidates align themselves with the average taxpayer and yet, once elected, not once have any of them agreed to relinquish any part of their windfalls to help the downtrodden or to bolster a weak economy. They also, seem intimidated by the hoards of voters who are determined not to “Strike a Lick”” and yet are able to live beyond the means of the average citizen.

Perhaps they are convinced that the elderly; or the infirm; and the unfortunate, have never been accustomed to a decent living; therefore, it would not affect them as adversely as the ones who consider it their Just Dues.

I am reminded of a farmer from the community where I was raised. His wife had been plagued for many years with poor health and required frequent visits to a Doctor.

The Doctor was aware of their financial situation and made no charges for the treatments. Nevertheless; after each visit, the man would help his wife into the cab of the pick-up truck and return to the Doctor’s office with a sack of potatoes and say, “Doc; I ‘preciate what you’ve done an;’ I brung you some sweet ‘Taters fer pay. Tha’s all I got, but I won’t be b’holden to nobody.”

Now, this is what America is all about. It is truly a shame that some of today’s elected leaders have never known such a man.

The answer to our dilemma is really quite simple. Create work for the able-bodied. Stop payments to the ones who refuse to help themselves. Reduce the salaries of Government Officials to within the range of average persons. Practice restraint in regard to the wholesale allocations to other Countries that have nothing but scorn for us until we dangle another fistful of money before them. Then to change the tax laws to require an equal percentage from all inhabitants: Regardless of their status.

By adopting these modest changes, it would be a relatively short span between debt and prosperity. Moreover: The truly needy could be compensated with a livelihood: More in keeping with that of everyone else.

“A Sack Of ‘Sweet ‘Taters” is a small price to pay for the unified, Debt-Free society envisioned by our Forefathers.

It’s my opinion and I’m glad I said it.

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