“Me an’ Susie Mae wuz settin’ by th’ Fireplace atter we had et Supper, when somebody knocked on th’ door.”

“Susie Mae got up an’ opened th’ door; an’ it were Jessie Lee Barton; from ‘cross th Creek.  He were all wrapped up in his overcoat”  “Com on in; Jessie Lee,” sez Susie Mae: “An hang your coat on that nail, ‘side th’ door.  Pull up a chair and set next to th’ fireplace.”

Jesse Lee took off his’ns coat an’ commenced to pull th’ Easy-Chair up to th’ fireplace when Susie Mae jus’ HAD A FIT!”  “She sez; “No – No,  Not that one, with th’ quilt throwed over it.”  That one is r’served fer Mr. Trump.”

Jessie Lee’s eyes got real big, an’ he sez; “Has Y’all went an’ had Th’ President  a-visitin many times’?”

Susie Mae, grinned an’ sez; “Why, of corse.”  “He comes by ever’ now an’ then.”  “He ain’t Th’ President.”  “He’s a neihbor’  an He has done that ever since he joined forces with Jay Henry.”  “I thought everbodie knowed that Him an’ Jay Henry wuz partners.”

“How ‘Bout That:  Jay Henry an’ Th’ President; ‘In Ka-Hoots?”  Why’d  Y’all,  went to th’ trouble of r-servin’ a chair fer him.”  Jessie Lee axed.

Susie Mae come to her sense’s and ansered;  “I done told you who he wuz.  Last time he were he; He claimed He lost a valuable Diamond; an’ ‘spected hit fell out’en his pocket whilst he sot in that chair.”  He axed us to not let nobodie sot  in that thare chair, ’til he can ‘Zammin’ hit.”

“Do Th’ President come see y’all rale offen?”  Jesse Lee axed.

Susie Mae grinned an’ sez; “Jesse Lee;  You ain’t lissening”.  “I done told you;” “Hit ain’t th’ President,”  “Hit’s “BUSTER TRUMP;”  “Th’ Bootlegger:”  “He wuz Jus’ makin’ a delivery, lak he usual  do.”

Like Pa always said:  “Hit takes all kinds to make a world.”  “And we’s got most of ’em.”