I am not completely sure of the reason for the words leeward and windward. Webster defines leeward as the direction toward which the wind blows and windward as the direction from which the wind blows.
Now, to a simpleton like me this is somewhat confusing. If, for instance, I am facing south and the wind is blowing from the east, my left side would be to the leeward. Turn me around and to face north, my right side would be to the leeward. See what I mean? Would it not be much more accurate to designate the direction as east or west?
I see no logic in the use of the terms leeward and windward.
If I mentioned to anyone that I live in the leeward side of the county, they would have to determine from which direction the wind was blowing at the exact time which the statement was made. Perhaps, this is not a bad idea when giving directions to bill collectors. A change in the direction of the wind could possibly hide me forever.

Today, a change in the methods of speaking is, in itself, an ongoing process. What made perfect sense to persons decades ago, now is so much gobble-de-gook. If certain words have served their purpose and mean nothing in the present time, why are they not eliminated from revised editions of our dictionaries?
Today’s society is constantly fabricating new words for; it seems to me, no other purpose than to perplex me. How many of you know exactly what is meant by dewpoint? Why is this important to us? If it fails to rain, it’s dry. If it rains, it’s wet. What more do we need? Does it matter to us that the cool weather is brought about by a front?”

“My advice to those whose responsibility it is to forecast the weather; is to keep the terminology simple enough for us dumb-heads to understand, i.e., “You folks in the South are going to get some rain”. Y’all up North are going to be cold.”
Since the weather patterns are usually from west to east, wouldn’t it be simpler to say, “You folks in California are going to get the wind ‘fore the folks in New York.”
“Just think:” “If the Weather forecasts were simplified; there would be more time to tell us about; ‘REAL STUFF!” “You know what I’m talking about:” “Important Stuff: “Not sold in Stores!” “Something a-kin to:”

“If your Car is over ten years old;” —–“YOU NEED LIFE INSURANCE !!!” “Your Friendly Weatherman.” Dj.