Hit were ‘round Christmastime when SUSIE MAE: She flung a fit to go down thare in Florady an be wiff Rocky Phil and Jeddy. She sez to me; she sez, JAY HENRY, HONEY: Do you recon the truck’ll git us thare and back? I tolt her th’air wuz showing in most of th’ tires: But I recon’d Rocky Phil jus-mought have a re-cap he’d give us: “So we’uns sot out.
B’then we’uns got thare and had jus’ sot down, when Jeddy, she sez; “Y’all’s got to stay ‘til Sunday ‘cause Rocky Phil an’ Davie’s gonna put on a play at th’ Church. Well’sr; they wont no way to git SUSIE MAE to leave ‘cause she won’t ‘bout to budge then.
Come Sunday; we’uns put on our other clothes an’ went to watch them- Play-act. Hit were Rocky Phil’s time to preach so he come out an’ announced the play. SUSIE MAE, she commenced grinning and tolt everybody close to her that “He b’longs to me an’ Jay Henry.”
He had got some uv th’ younguns to set-up th’ pulpit th’way he wanted hit, and he commence Preachin. He had jus’ finished th’ sermon, an’ closed th’ curtin, when DAVIE come stumbling down th’ middle uv th’ Chrch an’ was mumblin’ to hisself. “Kept say’in, “WHARE IS HE?” “THAT OTHER ANGEL?” Whare? Whare?
SUSIE MAE jus’ ‘bout had a hissie, whenst she heard Rocky Phil hollering; “HEAR- I-IS.” I’SE A-COMING!”
Right ‘bout then; the curtin opened and thares Rocky Phil, a-hangin to a rope tied to the loft. He jumped down and the both uv them commenced they play. Hit were different frum what we’uns had ever seed before; but rale nice. Susie Mae, she kept diggin’ her elbow into my belly and asting; “Jay Henry, Honey? Does you recon’ these folks knows he b’longs to us’en? I tolt her that he had Mos-Probably tolt them that he got his’uns smarts frum us’ens
When hit were all over an’ th’ folks started to leave Ever-one uv’ them stood up an give ROCKY PHIL an’ DAVIE “Th’ CLAPS!”