Like most folks in this Country, I had a job for many years. “I worked.” “They paid me.”. “I paid my taxes.” It was here, when I was required to ‘fork-over’ an unreasonable amount of my income; to be used for what is supposed to be my share, (according to The I.R.S.), of the expense of running the Government, and for making and enforcing the laws;

The members of the Congress manages these funds; and are also charged with deciding which Country we are ‘mad-at’, enough to threaten imposing ‘sanctions,’ if they don’t do exactly like we would have them do. Therefore, our ‘esteemed’ Government, distributes this tax money as they “SEE FIT.”

What makes the cheese more binding is: — In order for ‘little old me’ to get that measly tiny paycheck, I was required to pass a random “URINE TEST,” (with which, I had no problem, and gladly ‘peed-in-the-bottle’ ).

What I DID have a problem with; was the distribution of my tax money to the folks who are NOT REQUIRED to pass this “Urine Test.” “What is really unjust are the facts they are not even required to WORK:

SO: Here is my main concern. “Since I was required to pass this ‘URINE TEST,’ before I could earn this Tax Money: “Shouldn’t other folks be required to pass the same “URINE TEST;” before they get those same dollars for doing nothing to earn them; except spend the hard-earned money on drugs; that; “We are “REFUSED?” “Unfair!”

THEREFORE; “I hereby give my notice:” “If nominated; I will not run:” “If elected; I will not serve:”
“GO:” “Pick on somebody, your own size!” Demijon