It has been probably 25 years since I have purchased the services of a fully-automated car wash.  In an attempt to save a few dollars, I struggled with buckets of soapy water and torn tee shirts in order to keep my vehicle in some semblance of cleanliness.  This was a standard ritual, at least, twice each year.

However, since the several months of this year have been colder than usual and due to the fact that, because of snow and ice; the Department of Transportation was required to spread salt on the main thorough-fares;  I began to envision spots of rust encroaching on my dependable friend.  Added to these thoughts, were the aches and pains brought on by deteriorating health.  These facts prompted my decision to put my automobile in the capable hands of the professionals at “THE  AUTO -BELL.”

Upon entering the parking lot at the local car wash; I was somewhat taken a-back at the posted price for a full service wash.  If memory serves, my recollection of the cost of prior washes were somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.00 to $5.00.  The friendly attendant did not bat an eye when he told me that to have my car cleaned would reduce my meager finances by “$21.95”.

I whimpered a little when I paid the attendant and walked to the front of the establishment to wait for my “Trusty Vehicle” to emerge from the tunnel of the swirling water and brushes.  I stood outside for quite some time before another attendant asked for my claim check.  After comparing the tickets, he led me to the gleaming car and handed me the keys.  My immediate response was a tearful, “My Gosh, IT’S WHITE.”

I am now reminded of a friend who, in response to his neighbor’s complaints about Snakes, was more or less, forced to mow his lawn.  When he had completed the task, he made a startling discovery that;  HIS HOUSE NEEDED PAINTING!”

This reminiscing serves to prove a point.  There are still a few of us who are unjustly labeled; “A PROCRASTINATOR”

The purpose of this  “Post,”  on  America’s most – read “Blog-Site;” is to clear this thought from the minds of the Countries Population.

“From this day on:  Please remember that we are not ‘Forgetful’; and neither are we ‘Lazy’.”  We just simply,  “PUT THINGS OFF !!”


From the Demijon glossary of famous, “old – sayings”:  “Birds of a feather flock together and crap on your Car.”