I don’t understand.


Of course, I realize that the economy is in a slowdown; but what I cannot comprehend is why billions of taxpayers’ money is being funneled into Wall Street, Insurance Companies, the Automobile Industry and the like; when they have done nothing to help themselves with the exception of laying off workers who, without their jobs, are faced with being near bankruptcy.
The huge bonuses for the C.E.O’s. and major investors are still being paid as well as the thousands of cash back dollars that are being offered to anyone willing to purchase a new automobile.  All this is is still happening at the same time that Joe, The Plumber is faced with the loss of his home.

There is talk of another stimulus package for individuals, in hopes that they will rush out and spend; therefore, boosting sales and allowing the bonuses to continue.  One question that comes to mind is, if the Automotive Industry is in such dire need, where is the cash back coming from?

Would it not be better to lower the price of goods and services to within reach of the struggling citizens rather than charge an enormous price and then return a portion of it?
In reality, if the stimulus package is approved, each individual will receive less than a fraction of what will be awarded to top executives in the form of bonuses.

We have elected a new President and almost as soon as the ballots were counted, the price of oil and gasoline began steadily dropping.  As of this writing, the cost of unleaded gasoline is 1/2 what it was before the election.  Does this not tell us something?

Perhaps the new administration will keep better tabs on the skyrocketing prices as well as the outlandish outlay of money to top executives in the form of gifts and bonuses.  The Joe, The Plumbers of our great country have grown tired of “The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.”  They have proven this point in this last election.

If our leaders wish to help strengthen the economy; why not start by bailing out all the taxpaying citizens instead of adding more taxpayers money to the already wealthy?

My Opinionated Opinion.

Politicians take note: – The probability of your being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.


mule.jpgI was perhaps 10 or 11 years old when my brother and I were asked to return a galvanized bucket to our grandmother.  At that time, we owned two mules that had been broken for riding.  The one that my brother selected to ride (Kate) was rather young and quite skittish.  I was assigned to ride Old John that was older than dirt and could barely move.

For company on the approximately 5 mile trip, we enlisted a neighbor to ride his young horse (Dolly) along with us.  The two of them decided that I was to carry the bucket since Old John rarely got excited about anything.

About the time we were out of sight of our parents, my brother and the neighbor decided to play cowboy and ride their mounts like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.  Of course, Dolly and Kate were far from being likened unto Trigger and Champ (Roy’s and Gene’s horses) but they did manage to coax them into a fast trot.

Now Old John was not to be outdone and he tried his best to imitate their speed.  All he could do was to attempt an unsteady, fast, walk.  This did little to keep the child on his back from bouncing; and caused the bucket in his hand to rattle.

Old John’s mule brain began working overtime and he arrived at the conclusion that if he jumped sideways, he could unseat the rider and perhaps stop the rattling noise.  For an animal this old, he executed this movement quite well and the rider was thrown off his back, along with the rattling bucket.  The rider (me) landed on the hard, packed dirt road. Old John, now relieved of his burden, did not know what to do, so he simply stopped.

I made several attempts to get back on his back; but the noise from the bucket would cause Old John to side-step just enough to prevent my mounting. The mule did not mind for me to lead him while carrying the bucket; but he was determined that the rattling bucket would not again be on his back.

The neighbor and my brother reined in Dolly and Kate to a walk in sympathy for me; since all I could do was to lead Old John and rub my backside.  On our return trip, I was able to ride the mule, but I was careful and did not let him trot because it was so painful.

We kept Old John for several years after the bucket mishap and he performed well in pulling a plow although he did look as if he were asleep while doing so.  I often wondered if his slow demeanor was the reason my brother preferred to work with Old John rather than Kate.  Daddy finally traded Old John for a young, spirited mule that no one could work except my brother.  He literally could sing that mule to sleep.  This was fortunate because neither Daddy nor I had that kind of patience.

It’s truly a shame that seat belts for mules had yet to be invented “Back When.”


potical.jpgMost of us are aware of the law that governs dispensing trash alongside our roads and highways.  Any citizen observed breaking this law is subject to a stiff fine.  However, it appears that this law does not apply to outdated political advertisements.

After every election, these banners, signs and other paraphenelia continue to be an eyesore  alongside our streets for months after the last votes have been cast.  Each candidate raises money to vie for a political office and in most cases, have funds left that could be used for the removal of this clutter.

I understand that volunteers distribute much of this material and I believe that the candidates should explain to them beforehand, that removal of this clutter (in a timely manner) is as important as soliciting votes for their favorite candidate.

Perhaps the time has come to include political material in the same law that applies to the average citizen.  Ultimately, it should be the candidates responsibility to assure that this trash is removed and disposed of regardless of their win or loss.

Perhaps a hefty fine for non-compliance would get the attention of those who feel that it is someone else’s job to clean our streets and highways of the signs that either gained or lost their venture into the political arena.

Just this morning, I counted over 40 signs on adjacent corners of an intersection some four days after the election.  NOTE:  They were all for the same candidate.


Let’s do this in one foul swoop.

Savings & Loans

vault.jpgWhen was the last time you went into a bank and the bank President came out to shake your hand and ask how each of the children were doing in school?  This was more or less standard procedure in an era before all customers became numbers.
Being on the far side of 70 years of age, I can well remember when greed did not run rampant in the financial world.  There were times when I would have too much month at the end of the money.  When these occasions arose, I simply went to my local bank and secured a personal loan for $100.00 for a period of ninety days.  If I remember correctly, the interest would be less than $5.00.

Those were the days when borrowers could finance a home through the local Savings & Loan at an interest rate that was well below the amount charged by the mega-banks.  In many cases, all that was required was a steady income and a promise to pay.  Foreclosures in those days were few and far between.  

Little by little, the mega-banks began gobbling up the small local banks and succeeded in forcing the collapse of the Savings & Loan Industry.  With no local competition, rules and regulations changed to the point that a person would almost have to prove that they did not need to borrow before a loan was made.  The interest rates were much greater than those charged by the smaller banks.  Existing loans were chopped up and resold to other financial groups until no one was sure who held their mortgage.
Everyone is aware that no business can operate without making a profit.  Yet everyday, I see an ad for a new automobile or other item that announces, “Zero interest and $5,000.00 cash-back.”  If the merchandise is not over priced to begin with; “Where is the profit coming from?”

Years ago, I was shopping for an automobile.  I found one I liked and inquired about financing with the dealer.  “Zero interest for 36 months with monthly payments of $269.00;”  I was told.  I then sought advice from my local Credit Union and discovered that I could finance with them, The exact same amount for the same length of time with a 7% interest rate and would have monthly payments of only $213.00.

Something, somewhere, is not quite right and I cannot figure it out.  How could there be $56.00 per month more with NO interest rate than there would be at 7% interest rate?  Perhaps juggling figures such as this has contributed to the faltering economy.

As you can readily see, I am far from being a mathematician.  In fact, I have trouble counting above ten with my shoes on; but I can see that if someone, somewhere, somehow, does not do something, we’re gonna be in one “mell-uv-a-hess.”


We definitely need a permanent plan, for the time being.

The day after.

vote.jpgAin’t it nice to watch our favorite television program for the entire 30 minutes or 1 hour, without someone shouting; “I’m So & So and I approved this message?”

 Whether we agree or disagree with the victors, we can, at last, enjoy the fact that we will only have to BAIL OUT a few banks, and most of Wall Street, without the promises from all of the wannabe politicians, that they can fix everything if only we will vote for them.

 Isn’t it funny that the price of gasoline began dropping when it appeared that a change in Government was imminent?  In my humble opinion, this is an indication that the voters have been dissatisfied with the status quo?  Personally, I believe that any major change is past due. 

 I am dismayed by the fact that a few candidates felt it necessary to attack their opponents with slurs that even bordered on slander.  Apparently, a great majority of the voters were of the same mind-set. 

 Of course, I am from the old school when a candidate appealed to the intelligence of the voters rather than to belittle their opponent.  Insults in politics are likened unto the famous definition of profanity, i.e. “It displays your ignorance and indicates that your vocabulary is inadequate to express yourself.”  

 I am convinced that there are many Americans who awakened this morning with the feeling that, “Thank God, It’s Over.”

 Now: back to our regular programming, already in progress.


If Abe Lincoln were alive today, he’d roll over in his grave. 



 It is a well-known fact that my wife does not suffer from stress.  There is a reason for this.  She’s a CARRIER.  The amount of stress that she can cause to me would satisfy the national debt if converted to money.

 Anyone who is not accustomed to her concept of shorthand would surely find the scratch pads on the table with notations like, Birds, Wal-Mart-3, Water, While you’re out-Tomatoes, Dump, Carolyn-4, Paper-Iceam, equivalent to a slang version of Arabic.

 Believe it or not, after a lifetime of rooming with this lady, I have finally deciphered most of this gobble-de-gook.  Birds can mean either feed them or buy more birdseed.  Water is not to remind me that I am thirsty, but to turn on the sprinklers if it does not rain.  While you’re out does not insinuate that I am to buy tomatoes IF I happen to pass the market.  It means Go Get Them!  Dump is not to imply a visit to the toilet but rather that the trash is running out of our ears.  Wal-Mar-3 and Carolyn-4 are reminders of where she will be at the appointed hour in case Peggy calls. Paper-Icream is simply to tell em to clip the coupon for Ice Cream from the paper

 IF, for any reason, I am unable to de-code these messages, I am subjected to a lengthy explanation of the meaning of “Rodger – Retreat.”  I am well aware that we have a son by the name of Rodger and the word retreat means to run like hell, but why would I envision that our minister son has taken a sabbatical for the purpose of additional study?

 To observe my physical attributes, i.e. the silver hair, the sagging skin, the slow, shuffling walk, the moaning and groaning, one would never know that I am only thirty two years old.  The responsibility lies in the stress that is present on a day-to-day basis.  My desire to please places a severe hardship on me, thus my miserable countenance.

 Perhaps one day soon my burdens will be lifted and I will regain the youthful physique that I enjoyed before the development of the scratch pad.  When I could easily read the note that said simply, “Will you please call Marilyn and buy a loaf of bread,” instead of…

 “Mar – 4856,  Merita.”


 Adding insult to injury:  My mechanic told me; “I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.”



clock.jpgMy wife cannot resist a bargain.  At least, twice each week, she receives a packet of mass production fliers with big red letters on the outside stating FREE GIFT.  What starts her heart to pumping overtime is the handwritten note; “Let’s not charge Ms. Demijon any shipping.”  She then drops everything and leafs through the flimsy fliers with some nick-knack on each side and, (with her credit card at the ready), she selects one or more and calls her order in.

Included with one order was a small, plastic, battery powered clock.  The next packet that came still had the notation of not charging Ms. Demijon shipping charges so she again ordered a nick-knack that she had absolutely no use for.  Her free gift this time was a different design of another plastic clock.  Lo and behold, another order produced a larger, plastic clock (as a free gift).

Shortly thereafter, the clock in my workshop quit working and I removed one of the tiny clocks from the hoards of free stuff on her end table and carried it to the workshop.

Would you believe that she missed it immediately and asked what happened to it.  I told her that I needed it in the shop.  Her breathing became shallow, splotches appeared on her face and in a hoarse voice she stammered; “YOU DON”T NEED A CLOCK OUT THERE!” She was definitely not a happy camper and most of her remarks were not suitable for print.

Now: Along comes Fall of the year and the time to turn our clocks back one hour to observe Eastern Standard Time.  As I struggled to change all the clocks in our home along with two in the vehicles, I began to count the number of timepieces we owned and displayed and the grand total was 19. 

Every room in the house held at least one clock with the exception of the closets.  Bear in mind that they would sport one of these timepieces if room could be found among the dresses, shoes, sweaters and sundry paraphernalia that occupies every square inch.

Incidentally, the amount saved on the free shipping was negated due to the fact that much of the ordered merchandise had to be returned at out expense.  It is, however important to note that the free gift was not returned.

I’m sure that by reading this post, you will realize that Ms. Demijon purely “DO LIKE HER STUFF.”

Writ by Jay Henry

Footnote:  Her knowledge is no match for my ignorance.